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Two minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda from the CES 2017

As I was apalabrao, BioWare has shown a couple of minutes of their new game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, at the CES in Las Vegas. You can watch the video above.

Is a video a little chaotic in which is exploring different aspects of the game: first Peebee makes auto level up, and then is that there are that follow its signal, and by the road touches paste is of shots. A little bit of everything; Surely ignore the series Mass Effect me prevents appreciate some subtleties.

Visually found me more than worthy, that Yes. Aid that is the PC version, so if a trailer sponsored by NVIDIA, but beyond the pure power like the artistic design. Mention aside for music, which seems to mix the terrosidad of old synthesizer with the pomp of the most normal epic; I like what I hear, on purpose.

We know, because is said yesterday, that the game has already date of launch, and falls well near: will be the 23 of March when is published in PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you want to read about the CES, remember that David Foster Wallace has an article on the fair of Las Vegas and its spatio-temporal coincidence with the AVN Awards, the porn industry awards. Is called Big network are and is here.

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