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Two youtubers, accused by promoting gambling of Counter-Strike in the web of which are owners

In one of his recent videos, Ethan Klein, h3h3 Productions, accuses the youtubers Trevor «TmarTn» Martin and «TheSyndicatePro» Tom Cassell deliberately promote and explain his relationship with the company a betting website of counter-strike: Global Offensive.

One of the popular formats of Martin and Cassell are the videos involving those bets that were recently put in the spotlight by, according to the complaint filed by an affected user to Valve, promote «a betting market illegal online». Always used in these videos and recommend a web in particular, CSGO Lotto; Klein explains in his video, this site is owned by Martin and Cassell, although at no time they mention this detail in any of your videos.

More still, is possible see a video in which Trevor Martin speaks on how has found a new web of betting that you has proposed do «a sponsorship», giving to understand that not knew previously the web despite have it founded he same: he same is the President of CSGO Lotto (Cassell is the Vice President) and it person that managed the paperwork to create the company.

The research was led to out by another youtuber, HonorTheCall, that brought to the light the information the last 27 of June.

When this information came out to light, Martin has secured not have never hidden the fact that is co-founder of the bookmaker, while in his professional profile on LinkedIn not figure this business in particular and the video in which he talks about CSGO Lotto clearly giving to understand that it is a company of third parties who have contacted him. It has also added information about his relationship with CSGO Lotto in some of his videos and his Twitter profile, although it is easy to see that a couple of months ago not said anything about it.

Martin and Cassell are very popular youtubers (3.200.000 and 9.920.000 subscribers, respectively) and among your videos are found some titles that are possible thanks to this type of betting profits. Not only open boxes of Counter-Strike: are popular also, although not are so low suspected as those of the shooter of Valve, the videos of Overwatch and Call of Duty.

After the publication of an article in Bloomberg in which throwing light on the subject of counter-strike bets, citizen of Connecticut Michael John McLeod told Valve had been “complicit in the creation, maintenance and promotion of a market’ which skins are used as if they were a casino chips. «In the economy of them eSports, them skins are as chips of casino that have value monetary out of the game itself, by the possibility of convert them directly in money», is lee in it denounces.

He is a millionaire business (spoken of 2,000 million dollars annually) involving a very high percentage under 21 years of age; in them videos of Trevor Martin, indeed, is mentioned (without too much conviction) the made of that not is should bet if them laws local not you it allow, although in CSGO Lotto is speaks of a minimum of age of 13 years to participate in their bets. Do not bet with money, but with skins (which do not have monetary, as the bits of Twitch), helps to live in this very beneficial to Valve and all these sites lack, some very popular, that is dedicated to facilitating and promoting gambling.

Not is the first time that these names are linked to controversial of this style. Tom Cassell promoted on its channel, again without making explicit his relationship with him, a game which he had financed; He was also involved in the case of the Federal Trade Comission against Machinima by advertising Xbox One on some YouTube channels without notifying viewers of the promotional nature of the pieces.

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