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Ubisoft delays the next two expansions of The Division payment

The Division

All indicated that them two next expansions of payment of The Division were to the back of the corner. However, it seems that finally Ubisoft has had that delay the launch. Definitely, the contents are not prepared, so it is better having more time in order to make put at the disposal of users in conditions.

The own Ubisoft has jumped to the fore to announce that continue working in them features of them DLC of payment of The Division, especially with regard to performance and gameplay is refers. By that, the company has decided postpone the releases to have more time in which develop the packages.

Survival, one of the DLC, was going to be released this summer, but the own Ubisoft Massive has confirmed that they need more time to work on the 1.4 patch, which will be available during the month of October. It will include arrangements of errors, improvements in the performance of the system, and updates that will enhance the overall quality.

The other package, Last Stand, was planned for the winter, although Massive has announced that the delay will take the launch to principles of 2017. A bad news that, however, we will help to get a better product.

As we have been able to determine, the own Ubisoft is working everything in order to be able to launch the content as soon as possible. That Yes, it is necessary to know that the results will take a few weeks to arrive. Do not doubt that the launch of the next package will be between putting at the disposal of the users of the 1.4 patch and the end of this year.

The Division has become one of the most popular projects of the year. However, Ubisoft wants to get a perfect game. But to do so they have to work more hours than usual.

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