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Ubisoft says that Nintendo Switch will have “new possibilities for fun”

Nintendo Switch

The fact that Nintendo is going to try innovative with their Switch there is no doubt. However, it seems that the team still has prepared more than one surprise. Not in vain, rumors that continue to arrive say there is still much to discover. Ubisoft is one of the companies that are working on the console and, apparently, are more than happy with it. Even to say that it will provide new forms of fun.

Alain Corre, Ubisoft EMEA worker, has been commenting on some of his impressions about the console with the average Famitsu. In fact, it has been argued that social game will be quite large importance, in addition to the fact that “the machine will expand the possibilities of fun“. There is no doubt that Nintendo wants to innovate in hardware.

These statements have been exact’s own runs:

We have quite a few expectations in Nintendo Switch. Just Dance, for example, is one of our most important franchises. Thanks to console any member of the family can play. The hardware will help expand the possibilities for fun. People of all ages can play where want to. We hope to have enough variety in terms of software.

We must keep in mind that Ubisoft is currently working on Just Dance 2017, although keep in mind that it is possible that there are more games in production.

On the other hand, remember that Nintendo will announce more details of Switch on January 13. In any case, it is possible that there are more surprises by the development companies.

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