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Uwe Boll is removed from the film

Uwe Boll se retira del cine

Uwe Boll has announced its withdrawal from the film; Rampage: President Down, his next film will be the last to lead the German, infamous for its adaptations of video games.

The director has explained to the Canadian Journal Metro the reasons for their withdrawal: “market is dead,” according to Boll, and after a decade self-financing his films has understood that not worth you compete in a market where its films, more political with the passing of the years, “have no impact”.

« Streaming everywhere you simply have a great wave of films flooding you everywhere», explains Boll; the ubiquity of the film via Netflix, iTunes and the rest of services of rental digital has reduced, for the director, the capacity of certain movies to cause in the spectator the type of reaction that seeks. «The market is dead, and you don’t win any money because the market of the DVD and the Bluray worldwide has fallen 80 incidentally in the past three years. That is the real reason; simply I can’t let me make movies».

Boll recognizes that it does not want to return to the amateur cinema after so many years working to a certain level (in his films have appeared from Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Kingsley or Ray Liotta to Udo Kier or Meat Loaf ): «can not return to student film because I have made many movies in my life, and I can not do, at my age, more and more cheap movies. It is a pity. It would be happy to making movies, but it is not economically viable”.

Since 2005, Uwe Boll has spent his own money to produce their films; «If he hadn’t made those stupid movies based on video games never would have been able to put together capital to be able to say “we are going to make the film in Darfur”», says, in reference to its Darfur, 2009 film, based on the devastating military conflict. “I don’t need a Ferrari; I don’t need a yacht. I invested in my own movies and lost money,”he acknowledges.

Cinema of Boll, an irresistible accident, so great is the videogame world when it entered a spiral of adaptations and polemics, for the content of your tapes (the attack of the 11S are parodied in Postal ) and for his own antics: always remember how challenged boxing matches to those critics who were against.

His adaptations of video games are more questionable, but they are also testimonies of a wild time, that SEGA could license The House of the Dead to create one of the most absurd and funny films few occurred from a game or the classic Alone in the Dark, veteran title and pioneer of the survival horror , developing without difficulty in a tape awkward but blessed with the presence of a Holy pair of the demolition, or knocked-down cinema Cinema: Christian Slater and Tara Reid.

Boll expected time with the: “now that I don’t do more movies, maybe [the critics] find time to see them, starting with Postal, 2005, films of the last ten years», which are not adaptations of video games (the last of this type was BloodRayne: The Third Reich, 2010). «You will see that they are very interesting films, and I think that they make sense and say something about things. They deserve to be discussed most of what has been’.

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