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Valve begins to block the access to the betting of Team Fortress 2

Valve comienza a bloquear el acceso a las webs de apuestas de Team Fortress 2

Valve has started to block access to Steam API to Team Fortress 2betting websites, as the company announced on Friday.

«Recently, some websites of bets have started to influence in them items of Team Fortress 2», explain in your connected, where also warn to them users that use their accounts to participate in betting not allowed by Valve: «today have started the procesor of block them accounts of betting of Team Fortress 2.» We recommend that you do not comerciéis on those sites”.

«In July of last year we define our position on gambling websites, specifically commenting that Valve has no professional relationship with these websites. At that time we started to block many CSGO betting accounts», remember.

Is refer to your connected of the year last, published after Valve outside denounced by a player American that ensured that the company had «been accomplice in the creation, maintenance and promotion of a market» in which them players and third used skins as if were chips of a casino. Twitch also acted against these betting websites.

‘In 2011, we add an option on Steam allowing users to trade with items for the game as a way to do that would be easier to get the items they wanted, using economies of the games’, they explained in July of last year. «Since then, some websites of bets have started to take advantage of is of the system of trade of Steam, and has been some assumptions false about our participation in these sites».
Although the focus last year was in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by the relationship of a popular gambling website with two American youtubers, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 are also common in the contentious world of gaming. «Valve is owner of the League, sells them chips of casino and receives a part of them benefits of the casino through websites foreign to keep the farce of that Valve not promotes or is benefits of them betting online», explained it denounces.
In October of last year Valve responded to the complaint explaining that “it is not related to gambling or the promotion of gambling”, and were “surprised and disappointed” by the indictment «illegal activity and the threat to our employees with criminal charges». He Commissioner of betting of Chris Stearns, of Washington, insisted in that «them betting of skins in esports continue being a great market black without regular», making emphasis in the need of «provide attention and investigate the risk of betting in minor, especially pronounced in them esports».

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