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Virtual-On returns in a narrative spin-off for PS4 and Vita

Someone with more experience than a server in the activity that took place within the Miss arcades will know if Cyber Troopers Virtual-On arrived the Spanish halls in the form of machine or not. Of course to Saturn the first series did it and I could play the second, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram, import in the Dreamcast’s a friend of those with walls lined games without manipulating that ever paying even one.

The Virtual-On series does not enjoy a special popularity in Europe, but it Sega innovated with some crazy ideas that in turn: I remember the first as a fighting game between Wicks which troubled me especially because one of the robots wearing jeans and because, as I read in a magazine, they sold an arcade stick with two joysticks to play it as is.

The case is that it seems that Sega is willing to pull of nostalgia also with this franchise and has announced A Certain Magical Virtual-On, a crossover between the Virtual-On and A Certain Magical Index, a series of light novels with great success in Japan (has adapted to manga, anime and a couple of games: a visual novel and a fight for PSP game) and that is launching several spinoff always exploring the same idea : crossing the magic and futuristic science.

Apparently last year Sega and Dengeki Bunko publishing already collaborated in one of those novels that serve spin-off mixing both franchises, and hence now comes the game for PS4 and Vita that is still in the oven and will bring back the Virtual-On robots with a story written by the same author of A Certain Magical Index , Kazuma Kamachi.

We will see if the result of this cross leaves Japan, although I wouldn’t do me many illusions.

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