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Virtual reality brings benefits to developers


Approximately 50% of developers reported that the growth of your business in this market has been strong. 26% has confessed that the growth obtained in virtual reality has been disappointing and the rest seems that it stands at a midpoint.

More than one third of professionals they are oriented to develop VR to PC and console. Another third bet by mobile industry and the remaining third divided its efforts between both markets of virtual reality (PC/Console and mobile).

This type of technology is far from settled and still must overcome some hurdles to earn his spot. The content creators believe that mainly the cost of technology is the biggest impediment that exists to acquire these products. On the other hand responsible for the technology of VR in different aspects believe that lack of content is the main obstacle that restrains the sale of this equipment.

Interestingly, the content creators cite as a second cause of software failure stops the growth of this market and technology policymakers believe that price is the second factor that prevents that the public grows in the RV.

All these data have been published from a series of surveys distributed between professionals in different industry events.

The important thing is that it seems that there is some consensus among the current problems that faced virtual reality and is quite a sector reported profits.

Via | VRFocus

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