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Will 4 Skate arrive?


Skate games are Frank decay. And can that that not is something that for the generation of the Millennium is relevant or even worthy of mention, but all that preface to the 2000, in many cases, enjoyed with them titles of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, one of them large relating of the sport during the time of the extinct Playstation original. It is possible, moreover, that it is one of the best-selling sagas of console and deserve to talk about it… but that will be another time.

Not was the single, on the other hand, and other companies tried of upload is to the skateboard, with clattering results. Nevertheless, Tony Hawk completo Pro Skater always was there to offer us an unforgettable experience. Not had competitor nor in Playstation nor in Playstation 2… until the next generation.

Skate was a surprise. Many had long passed from the sport by past experiences with mediocre titles of old glory, titles that sought to navigate the waters of the world open, but ended up drowning in a pool of his own vomit.

Skate was different. I had and wanted to be different. Had some mechanical to which not were used, with a gameplay interesting and a like excessive by the spectacular of them movements. Conquered us most, Yes.

Apparently, and this only remaining as a glimmer of hope, Daniel Lingen, manager of EA, has posted a tweet that makes us believe in the improbable. Seven years after the departure of Skate 3, can we receive the fourth package of the saga. And, after the bump that was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, we deserve a good game of skate.

Daniel Lingen

We crossed fingers.

Via | HuskyHog (Daniel Lingen completo Official Twitter)

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