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Xbox 360 returns to shine with strength in the games with Gold in September

Juegos con Gold septiembre 2016

Microsoft has announced the alignment of their games with Gold September program which offers four games (two Xbox One and two Xbox 360, retrocompatibles with the new console) free of charge to subscribers of Xbox Live Gold, Xbox, that premium service to me is I finished this morning.

In Xbox One touches, throughout the month of September, Earthlock, an independent RPG that got funded through Kickstarter and leaving exactly 1 month coming, after a few years in development: it came on Steam thanks to Greenlight at the end of 2013, and the idea was to launch it in early 2015 on PC and a little later in consoles. We will see if the time extra has deserved the penalty; here below is a trailer.

The subscribers of Xbox Live Gold (I not am, from this same tomorrow, one of them) also may download in One the first delivery of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, it set in Chinese. He spin-off to it Prince of Persia not is especially memorable, but it is a good game that deserves the penalty try. You can download of the 16 of September to the 15 of October.

The Xbox 360 are incontestable this month, as they were the previous. During the first two weeks will have (will have!, what say: will have, because to me is I finished the Gold this same tomorrow) Forza Horizon, the extraordinary arcade of racing of Playground Games. The series of Turn 10 is recycle here taking advantage of the muscle to make things different: driving to all speed by roads but also by fields and embankments, all with such of flee with it greater alacrity of the festival of music more fucked of it history. Perfect to make hunger of face to the third part, that leaves the day 27: by there van them shots, and not me seems wrong.

The second half will be available the first Mirror’s Edge, which is still as good as the day that came out. Of the second part is can speak making winks to a limp unthinkable in the original, exemplary and very in advance to your time. Can that says never can return to make a game thus: take advantage of which can (I, and sorry that you talk of my life private, not can: not have Gold from this tomorrow) and discover why is will continue to speaking of Faith, the protagonist of Mirror’s Edge, during many years while its history is very thin and very ridiculous.

Right now, my former comrades, subscribers to Xbox Live Gold, who I miss you sincerely, can download the essential Beyond Good & Evil HD, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and WWE 2 K 16; There is little August but it is still possible to take advantage of it.

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