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Atlus loosens restrictions on party 5 streaming

Atlus afloja las restricciones de streaming de Persona 5

Atlus has updated the conditions imposed by the community for the retransmission of items in person 5, expanding to, among other things, allow streamings and videos arriving to the border with the last stretch of the game.

“When he left party 5, we established a series of guides for videos and broadcasts that we expected, we would limit the spoilers online for fans who have yet to play the game,” explained on its website. These restrictions included a limit of 90 minutes per video uploaded, not to teach crucial moments of history or bosses, not focus on the cinematic and anything else.

“To our surprise, we saw numerous reaction, videos of opinion articles and received many emails asking us to please we have our policy. We recognize that our fans are the reason why the game is a huge global success, and we are wanting to enjoy the game without fear that they gutted it,”they explain.

«However, we also heard about some problems with guidelines and we have decided to revise them.» As we want players to have greater access to the game while respecting the original goal, now we ask players to avoid retransmit or publish videos further than the end of November 19 in-game, where the main story prepares for the final act». Originally, the limit reached on July 7, date of the game. Also removed the limit of 90 minutes.

The controversial part of those original guides came when warned that if you upload videos «you do under risk of issued a claim for Content ID», system used by Google to expedite the removal of content from YouTube, ‘or, worse, a strike or suspension of the channel». This announcement was seen as a threat and a way of limiting the freedom of action of the youtubers, putting in the body that Almighty fear the strike.

«Also want to ask for forgiveness have been who the previous guides as a threat,» ends Atlus. “We want to be transparent about what we do, and the reason why we launched these guides was give to the streamers the correct information of first. It was never our intention to threaten people with claims of copyright, but clearly we choose a wrong tone to communicate it.”

One of the limitations of Atlus, the deactivation of the Share button in PS4 (which allows you to make screenshots and videos to share them easily on different social networks), remains in effect.

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