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Battlefield 2142 revives Project, a project to play online Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142 was released several years ago, leading to different types of multiplayer battles with items up to 64 simultaneous users. You can already imagine what the number of shots per second. However, GameSpy closed its doors in June 2014, leaving the title of EA online modes without service, and causing that users could not continue struggling online. A bad news.

Don’t worry, since more than two years after we have at our disposal Battlefield 2142 revives Project, a project carried out by fans of the original Battlefield 2142 which has a single objective: Let us keep playing online. This time, that Yes, in servers created by the players themselves.

The service began to work of way stable the last 23 of September, being a full success since then. In fact, you have seen up to 11,000 concurrent users in games of 64 players at the same time. If you take a look to them statistics, you can see moments in which the number of users simultaneous, currently, exceeds them 2,000. Not there is doubt of that the objectives proposed is have complied.

By the time, from EA not have said anything to the respect. On the contrary, since the company seems to be happy with the work that is being conducted by the fans. In fact, some users are keeping, of way individual, the games of the company that already not have servers official online.

Mention that the service of Battlefield 2142 revives Project is completely free, what means that only have that follow them steps that is indicate in the page official in order to play with others users. Without a doubt, a breath of fresh air for fans of the renowned video game.

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