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BioWare ruled out, for now, a version of Mass Effect: Andromeda for Nintendo Switch

Mass Effect Andromeda

Although it is very short time so that will disclose all pending details about Nintendo Switch, the truth is there are still rumors that are going very strong networks. One of the gossip had to do with Mass Effect: Andromeda and their possible release on the console. Although this rumor has been clarified recently, when the own BioWare has jumped to the fore in order to confirm that, for the time being, there will be no version for the next Nintendo console.

He producer Michael Gamble has insured that, by the time, the study is valuing the launch of an edition of the game for Nintendo Switch. The reason of this movement is the made of that them sales of Mass Effect 3 not were them enough as for it company thought in launch another delivery of their games in the machines of Nintendo.

This has been the Declaration of Gamble:

Not what we have planned. If Nintendo Switch is thrown and everyone begs for Mass Effect: Andromeda, who knows. We don’t like as well shut its doors.

Although from the BioWare do not rule out an edition of Mass Effect: Andromeda for Nintendo Switch, so far they have not done it, or have it thought. All depends of the requests of her own community.

For the moment, Nintendo Switch is left without Mass Effect: Andromeda. That Yes, have that be attentive to the success of the own machine and to the requests of the community. If insist much, is possible to see a port.

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