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Bullet Soul will come to the West, years after its release in Japan

Bullet Soul is a shmup developed by the Japanese Studio 5bp published, for Xbox 360, in 2011. At West we were without it; until now, at least, because 5bp has announced that now, more than five years after its publication in Japan, distributed the game out of his country home.

In the blog of the Studio is mentioned only North America, but seems a launch relatively imprecise even: nor there is a date closed, for example.

With his usual art, Google translate gives this confirmation of the news:

Xbox 360 “Barrett Seoul-Tamatamashi-“
based in
Xbox 360 “Bullet soul”
too late
Now that they will be delivered in North America!


Etc. date of delivery in a future next
Let’s notice again.
Since the summer to talk with the caravan, I want to be hot!

The grace of this new version for the West is that it includes all the DLC that was published in its first incarnation; blog joke with that this makes for a GOTY version of Bullet Soul, so long then: «in addition, DLC all-in of (State of mind only) is the specification GOTY».

He launch has been animated by the backward compatibility of Xbox One with its predecessor: Although Xbox 360 is almost officially withdrawal, the possibility of do that the game is compatible with them new machines led to 5bp to raise is this relaunch, imagine that exclusively digital. It is a ray of hope weak but that is there: I do not seem bad thing we arrived here some games of ships, the example that I like most, that came out in Japan, but they did not make the leap out. They are not many, actually, but have some importance.

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