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Enter the Gungeon is updated with new rooms, weapons, and more

The Supply Drop update of Enter the Gungeon now available on Steam. This large patch that adds a good amount of content to the already on its generous roguelite of shooting, will the coming week on PS4.

There are a lot of new features: 200 new rooms, 33 weapons and items, seven types of enemy, a new boss for the third level, new costumes and more NPCs. In addition, the save game option is added to finish a floor and exit the game to continue later: very useful. To finish off the package, they have implemented some improvements and General settings.

Enter the Gungeon completo Supply Drop hits tomorrow and have a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns that then shoot more bullets – yay!

-Enter the Gungeon (@DodgeRollGames) January 25, 2017

To celebrate the update, the game is bid on Steam; If not you have given a tiento yet, it is a time as good as any other.

I believe that it is advisable to give it a try, especially if you like Dodge, shoot and shoot, in any order. When it came out, I wrote the following:

I think that all Enter the Gungeon is in that paragraph: we must avoid, you have to shoot, should roll. Around these three actions turn all the switches that one finds in the Armazmorra: a myriad of weapons that change the way we shoot (and even what shooting: from t-shirts to ducks, going through trash or words), other objects that add properties to projectiles or our avatar and a lot of special characters, altars shops, curses.

You can read our analysis here.

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