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Mario Sports Superstars confirms release date in Europe


Nintendo has recently launched a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, focusing on baseball, one of the sports available within the title.

This game mode is assimilated to title of Wii, Mario Super Sluggers. Other sports included are tennis, golf, soccer and horse racing. All game, both solo and multiplayer modes, are available at local or online. We will have the option to play encounters between different sides, and we you will have no choice but to Learn how to handle all the tactics possible to overcome the different challenges.

It will give us the option to use 18 different characters, each with unique abilities. Choose one or the other will depend on our style of play.

We hope that the title not too late in coming. For the moment, Europe is fortunate and will receive Mario Sports Superstars on March 10, almost a month before the game is marketed in North America. In addition, along with the video game, is expected to a set of amiibo cards that unlock certain features within the game. The final price is still unknown, but it predicts that each set of letters will include five of them. For a limited time, each copy of the title will also receive one of the above letters.

Mario Sports Superstars was published on March 10.

Via | Dualshockers

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