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N ++ is updated on Steam and doubles its number of levels

At the time, in the mid-2015, N ++ seemed a tiring exercise: because it is a game with some intricacies, but also because thousands of levels (2.360, specifically) you throw all the ideas that may be all that can exist in the world, almost. The Metanet network game has become now N ++: Ultimate Edition, through a free update that is now available on Steam and raises the number of levels to 4.340, all designed by hand.

«It’s like a second N ++ free!», say perpetrators on Steam. “It really is a game that could last a lifetime.” The tone is almost of surprise: recognizes Metanet network that initially was planned to charge for this update, but it was finally decided to make it free to «encourage more people to try N ++».

The two thousand and peak new levels (I repeat: all handmade) joins a new Hardcore mode, intended for those who find solace in getting the best possible times. «In contrast to only normal mode, the clock never Hardcore is for and every death has», explains.

Others added many minor tops the update, which should arrive sometime to PS4, the console that debuted this little gem.

Here liked much N ++, the game that the trilogy that started N and N + so many years ago is closed, after all this time. It is a game over, voluptuous, elegant and detached, and also

a close to those who are applauding: ambitious, excessive, round; aware of their condition, rather than dismiss it passes the witness, something that is more a gesture of confidence that a transfer of responsibility.

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