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New details on Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger


Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger will be the next visual novel of the Frontwingstudy, which has recently updated the official website with new information about the release.

Following the closure of the successful Kickstarter that gave light to the first two episodes of The Phantom Trigger in the West, the update includes a number of details about the characters with whom we can cross throughout history:

  • Izumi Yamamoto: an arms which is in its second year of Mihama Military Academy. As an expert in metal and plastic, it manages almost all of the weapons used by the students of the Academy.
  • Vanilla & Choco Inagaki: a pair of twins who attend one of the campuses of SORD, Keihin Sakuragaoko.
  • Chihiro Ukawa: a dealer, responsible for Vanilla and Choco.
  • Maki Inohara: a member of a criminal syndicate of Russian origin.

If you have missed it, Frontwing recently released a gameplay of five minutes of Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger. You have it here below.

The first two editions of Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, will leave for the Western public on 28 April, date in which it will be available for PC. The third edition, Vol. 3, is planned for next summer.

Via | Grisaia Official Page

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