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Running With Scissors released the source code of the first Postal

Running With Scissors libera el código fuente del primer Postal

Running With Scissors has released the source code of a postcard, his controversial game of 1997. It can be found at Bitbucket, under the GPL2 license.

“We are prepared to let the future” Postal “in hands of the public”, said in his official statement. “People asked for it, and we have promised for years,” but the time has finally come. “Everyone has access to the guts of the game, to see what makes Postal work, and anyone with the time and skill required can correct/change/update/modify anything in the game.”

The publication is motivated by, among other things, the interest in bringing a postcard to other consoles. «If someone wants to carry the game to other platforms (Dreamcast, for example * wink * * wink *), no doubt can do it!»

That day was one of the most dangerous video games of all time today is a much less hostile beast, without a doubt, although no doubt there is something admirable in the way in which Running With Scissors has worked for two decades, slowly but surely, in their small Simulator of killing people on the street. Even made a remake, Postal Redux, which recommend themselves to include some things that once were exclusive to the Japanese version of the game.

He plays to see what makes the community with the game that Senator Joe Lieberman included in his top 3 worst things about American society, along with Marilyn Manson and Calvin Klein ads.

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