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Streaming night: Furi

Noche de streaming: Furi

The partiditas live again AnaitGames, by popular request, from the hand of Furi. Yesterday discussed the title of The Game Bakers, and already before reading the comments that suggested it, he wanted to dedicate a streaming.

It will be this evening from 21 h to 23 h, on our YouTube channel. I know that it is not the best time, but it is the only hole that I could find for today. Remember that the video will be there uploaded so you can see it when it is in the event that you already have a plan then. And if you’re at home, because ye SUP something light in front of the screen; a yogurt and now, with this heat does not crave the long digestion.

I am still thinking if there will be a goal during the game. I think not being prepared for the trophies of the career mode, so that the same game a bit of history, without pressure and with trips to rest and discuss more things. Suggestions are accepted.

About the game

is an action game in which bosses you face only. Developed by the French independent Studio The Game Bakers, is also a tribute to the Japanese Masters of the swords and the shots galore: duels of Furi mixed the hack’n slash with shmup in a witty, colorful, and demanding.

Although can not cause a good first printing, by some peculiarities in his control, deserves the penalty insist to enter in his speech about the challenge and the learning. I talk a little more about that, I insist, in the analysis.

About the player

The game, with the good end (fucking ship!), I spent little since it was published. Since then I have been able to play very little more, so I’m rather deconditioned. If it turns out that this is like cycling, so we see the best facet of Furi in some epic battle; If not, we will have anger and GIFs. We always won!

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