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Media Create sales, 15-21 August (2016, Japan, week 33)


Namco has measured extremely well the demand of such of Berseria. The editor has attained sell more than the 80% of the stock distributed in its launch. The figures not are terrible, but comparing with Zestiria, Berseria has sold some 100,000 units less in his debut.This illustrative numerical comparison between …

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Media Create sales, July 18-24 (2016, Japan, week 29)


I-Kai Watch 3 holds in its second week and already accumulated more than 800,000 units sold. If they are able to keep the brand afloat with other products (anime, merchan, etc), this third installment should well exceed 1 million units sold.Good output for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. A series …

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Media Create sales, July 11-17 (Japan, 2016, week 28)


The third delivery of I-Kai Watch paralyzed Japan. Level 5 has gotten distribute more than 600,000 units, but the title does not has gotten attract to new buyers of 3DS. Now, Nintendo will not win new users beyond the weekly average.It tildaría the Sushi/Tempura numbers as of limited success. Good …

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Media Create sales, 13-19 June (2016, Japan, week 24)


Don-chan and Kacchan are back in a musical journey that will take them around the world in Taiko no Tatsujin: Doko Don! Mystery Adventure. You may not remember the license, but Taiko no Tatsujin, became famous in the arcades proposing a musical game that we should play some drums to …

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Media Create sales, 23-29 may (2016, Japan, week 21)


Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and Prophecy s End shows pull that has the saga in Japan. In this case we speak of the second part of a musou with RPG and adventure, but core musou in its concept. It innovates by introducing a mode for up to …

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Media Create sales, May 16 to 22 (2016, Japan, week 20)


The end of the robber repeated position in its second week on the list. Do high figures, but they meet expectations. To highlight two Western products such as Homefront: The Revolution and Doom. Without fanfare and surprise that Homefront outdoes the title of Id Software with terrible criticism that has …

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