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2.74 million Nintendo Switch distributed does anyone give more?


Analysts said already and professionals in the industry claimed that Nintendo had learned from its mistakes. And it seems that they were correct. The launch of Nintendo Switch has been a success, with hundreds of consoles sold and numbers of sales increasing. Although, of course, the company will have to …

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Analysis Snipperclips – to trim in the company!


Nintendo makes standard the development of games that take advantage of the uniqueness of their new systems. Wii Sports sold the concept of commands with motion control. Mario 64 established a link with the Nintendo 64 controller and DS had numerous productions using rightly the dual screen and the ability …

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Arms and Splatoon the last Nintendo Direct copan (and more inside)


Nintendo Switch is taking color, body and intentions. That may be the owner of sensations that leaves the last Direct of the Kyoto and an extra appreciation: careful with 3DS that is still very much alive. Nintendo Switch Arms. The Nintendo fighting game has added new characters to their roster …

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The Nintendo Switch online will be paid to provide quality


Since its official announcement, Nintendo already confirmed that the Switch online game was going to be paid. Cheaper than the other platforms, but in the end and after payment. A decision which some users complained. Even thought the power of the machine would not be able to offer a certain …

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