Thursday , September 21 2023
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Virtual reality brings benefits to developers


Approximately 50% of developers reported that the growth of your business in this market has been strong. 26% has confessed that the growth obtained in virtual reality has been disappointing and the rest seems that it stands at a midpoint.More than one third of professionals they are oriented to develop …

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Good numbers for Playstation VR: 915.000 units has already sold


At the beginning we thought that Playstation VR, i.e., a Virtual reality device with little exclusive material (or that thought), would not succeed in his release. Not in vain, the available projects were not many, to which must be added some health problems experienced by users themselves. However, the statistics …

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Ace Combat 7 will also come to Xbox One and PC


Recently rumoreabamos with a possibility that by then had become quite interesting: the fact that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown could become a cross-platform video game. However, and although it may seem surprising, it has been confirmed that the title will be released for both PC and Xbox One. Of …

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Gameplays and impressions of Resident Evil 7


Some media have been able to play Resident Evil 7 for about 4 or 5 hours. The result has been published in the form of small gameplays that I will put below and impressions in video or written on different channels of each medium. Advance that the first impressions are …

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Prints VR Gate (test of PlayStation VR)


The next 13 of October will go to the sale PlayStation VR. The alternative of Sony to the reality virtual is a new form understand the game on a technology that allows dipping is in the development.A concept simple that should try is to internalize is and that not has …

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DriveClub VR on sale on October 13 in Japan


Sony has made official the development of DriveClub VR. The title appeared registered in April and after the closure of Evolution Studios from the company not is expected this product.PlayStation VR accompanied in some events of a version of DriveClub adapted to this device and will finally be released on …

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