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Call of Duty: WWII could have a 48-player online multiplayer


We have to recognize that we like massive battles in video games much. That have big multiplayer maps in which nearly a half-dozen players are fighting, side by side, in order to meet the goals is something very epic. However, it is also difficult to implement. Especially with regard to …

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According to XtraLife, Scorpio Project will cost 400 euros


For months is speculating about the price of Project Scorpio. The next Microsoft console will have unparalleled potential, which some have translated as in stores cost much higher than what we are accustomed to seeing. In fact, some media spoke of more than $500. However, a Spanish shop has blown …

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These are the features of Xbox Scorpio… And possible price


Its characteristics are official. Microsoft has told an acquaintance middle sector technical specifications of its next console, Xbox Scorpio.Y can say that indeed, need more powerful hardware seen to date. The company already boasted that we were going to be able to get your hands to a really impressive machine …

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The possibility of a HD remake of StarCraft takes strength


Blizzard takes a while playing with the possibility of adapting some of its classic titles to the HD. Indeed, the company has released some versions of models of games such as WarCraft III with more polygons, in addition to patch some of these titles to make them compatible with modern …

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More rumors of Playstation 5:10 teraflops by the end of 2018


It seems that the market of video games, at least with respect to the release of new consoles, it is moving at a speed too fast. Over the last few months available Playstation 4 Pro, and during 2017 will be selling Xbox Scorpio. The launch of Nintendo Switch, also occurred …

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