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Friday the 13th: The video game will be released on May 26


The official video game of Friday the 13th has launch date. They have been months of waiting and development that we have seen all kinds of multimedia with its characteristics, although finally the average Gun editor has decided to put a date in which you can get your hands. It …

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Nippon Ichi Software and its strange teaser


The Japanese company Nippon Ichi Software is developing a new game of terror. A small and discreet teaser of the new project has been presented through a web site, coined by the developer. In this video, you have here below but can look at yourselves on the corresponding page (also, …

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Roots of Insanity, the new limit of terror for PC


Taking into account that some of us have grown up watching horror movies, it is normal that we also want to get that kind of experiences in video games. However, the number of survival horror that is lately being on sale are numerous, but not quality. Don’t let see repeats …

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Gameplay with included head of Prey


Bethesda and Arkane are greasing the promotional machinery of Prey by publishing content on a regular basis. Last week we published a compendium with videos that they various facets of the game and this time we have a 25-minute gameplay that includes one of the product managers.Prior to embed the …

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Special Resident Evil 7: classical mechanics


Resident Evil 7 has become a game to keep in mind for fans of the series and in a very dignified way carries the weight of belonging to the main series of the history of terror of Capcom.The praises are not free and must be assumed that ke7 is a …

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New concept art of State of Decay 2


To provide us with small sketches of art on the new title, State of Decay 2, so followed way, the Undead Labs developer must be completely immersed in your game. And it shows. Starting on March 10, the company announces that they will launch every week a new piece of …

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Prey, on sale may 5


Arkane Studios continues to work in one of their most anticipated games: Prey. The game, which had fewer details than we would have liked, already has release date. The study not only has announced it, but it also confirmed more things about what will include the game, as well as …

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