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The mods come tomorrow to Fallout 4 on Xbox One

Mods for #Fallout4 are coming to #Xbox One next week on May 31st. #Fallout4Mods

-BethesdaGameStudios (@BethesdaStudios) may 27, 2016

Bethesda has announced that mods will be available in the version for Xbox One Fallout 4 starting tomorrow, May 31. In PS4 will have to wait at least a few days, until June seats, to enter this new and long-awaited option.

In console mods are made possible by the Creation Kit of Fallout 4, a tool that facilitates the creation of mods and that approaches this type of content generated by the user consoles, usually unrelated to these things. According to Bethesda explained, the mods on Xbox One have a 2 GB limit, although they do not rule out expanding it in the future.

To know what to expect from all this, one can enter the official website of Bethesda and explore over 800 mods that will be compatible with the version of One starting tomorrow. There is everything: from a washing machine to one that replaces the sound to die with the agonizing no, god, no, god, please, no Steve Carrell in The Office.

The use of mods also has some peculiarity in consoles: to activate one creates a new saved game specific to the use of modifications, and the achievements or trophies are disabled until we return to a clean split.

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