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There’s a new Need for Speed on road

Hay un nuevo Need for Speed en camino

It gave the impression that the last reboot of Need for Speed, that carrying that title to dry and that came out in 2015, could be something such as a finishing touch to the franchise, which from here arcade games from Electronic Arts driving would maybe be on new roads, paved with fresh ideas and perhaps even another name.

Obviously this reasoning not has no sense: the power of it marks Need for Speed still has much pull and EA not it goes to waste, so the company already has secured to their investors in a meeting that will launch a new game of the saga main and that it will make before March of the year that comes.

Andrew Wilson, the current President of EA, dropped some of the typical of this type of corporate events, a sort tag of sow the hype for investment funds and other people of bulky checkbook: the new Need for Speed will be «ambitious», which will be the «Need for Speed with better appearance that we have ever produced “and that is important that will focus on the element of the online competition.

Meanwhile, Need for Speed: Edge, the free-to-play MMO for PC based NFS: Rivals and designed for the Asian market, is still in development at the offices of the EA Spearhead study that the company has in Korea and that they be distributed the also Korean Nexon in its domestic market, while Tencent will be responsible to the public of China under the title Need For Speed Online.

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