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Wild Gal trailer * Gun: Double Peace for Steam


GAL * Gun: Double Peace was an exclusive consoles from Sony, Playstation 4 and PSVita, somewhat spicy compared with most titles coming to Western waters, easily malinterpretables scenes and an argument that approaches dangerously to the ground of the sexual.

However, Gal * Gun: Double Peace has left of be a title exclusive of them consoles, as has landed in PC with all that this implies. And, so the ‘ purr ‘ know what is van to find before join it to their libraries in Steam, PQube takes a trailer that shows all the potential of the game.

The trailer marks the rhythm and tone that acquires throughout the game. If already have played in PS4 or PSVita, already will be accustomed to this soft stop burning that us shows, on the edge of the eroticism poorly disguised. If, on the other hand, have you ever tasted a Gal game * Gun or, worse yet, not even have seen a single video… well, take a look at this, to see what impressions you leave at the end of.

GAL * Gun: Double Peace is available for the consoles since August, and from the 27th to Steam.

Via | Dualshockers

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