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New Nintendo XL 2DS, so is the largest and most economic Nintendo portable new

New Nintendo 2DS XL

There were rumors that Nintendo was developing a new portable console. The majority of users were beginning to bet on a successor of Nintendo 3DS, but few could imagine that, in reality, the company was working on a new 2DS. Specifically, in a portable new economic, based on the original 3DS, but without the famous 3D. Nintendo has confirmed it recently, detailing some of its most interesting features.

First of all say that this new New Nintendo XL 2DS is not the successor of 3DS. It is only a new portable, cheaper than the original, but with new and remodeled specifications. For example, will be available in two colors: white + Orange and black + Turquoise. Of course, the screen will be slightly larger than the original 2DS. 80% more, having the possibility to bend the console so that they occupy less space. The redesign has been very important in the machine.

Although New Nintendo 2DS XL you will not have 3D support, yes that will allow you to play all the video games of the original 3DS. Including the latest releases. The limitation will also launch the console on the market with a price lower than its older sister, which will appreciate the less pockets.

New Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in stores on July 28, priced at 149 dollars. We ignore the cost which will be in Europe, although it is possible to rotate around 160 euros. We will be attentive to the information that is revealed to our region.

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