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Special Gravity Rush 2: Kat


I’m going to make a confession: I’m immensely functional in video games. Do not expect great stories per se, nor hope deep or charismatic, characters simply seeking fun and the rest is appreciated, but the entertainment that can give me gameplay is a priority. And occasionally one is is things …

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Presentation Gravity 2 Rush


Sony has cited the press of our country to show the latest creation of Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2. The game has been directed by Keichiro Toyama, a name that perhaps not you is family, but if you say that was the creator of Silent Hill or the series SIREN, …

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Demos of NieR: Automat and Gravity Rush 2 now available


With some delay, but since we are in days in which many are fortunate to enjoy vacation, I’ve seen should remember that PS4 users can already play two parts of two products that are running more than ways.Talk of NieR: controller and of Gravity Rush 2. The first presents an …

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