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The pixel is beautiful: Crash Bandicoot 2


One of the players would still enjoy new platforms with a simple development, primary in the form and that draw an approach playable that requires management of a character and the pulsation of two or three buttons at most.Crash Bandicoot is the son of that culture of yesteryear that once …

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Final Fantasy XV will have season pass


Final Fantasy XV will be released September 30, 2016 in PS4 and Xbox One. It seems lie that we have the launch so close after so I have had to wait for the product, but soon it will be our.This chapter of final fantasy from Square-Enix will be accompanied by …

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Damn Castilla EX comes to consoles


For owners of an Xbox One, there is a huge and pleasant congratulations: this console it will be the first received the title damn Castilla EX, the port of an independent video game based on the huge and magnanimous series Ghosts ‘ n Goblins. This game, in principle made to …

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The Witness now has its own “demake”


The demakes are small jewels of the videogame world that fundamentally transform current titles in 8-bit versions or similar of those same games. A creative form that allows us to imagine how a game had that been if progress had stopped, and we could only count on 8-bit machines. The …

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