Tuesday , November 28 2023
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World of Final Fantasy pictures


World of Final Fantasy is one of those adventures that will hopefully looking forward to since its announcement. Was revealed during the Conference of Sony at the E3 of 2015, but was overshadowed by the arrival of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, announced just after. Without, however, as they have gone …

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Square-Enix publishes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Square-Enix has released the videogame Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in the West, a video game for mobile devices that was already available in Japan by surprise. Brave Exvius is an RPG, developed by A-Lim (the creator of the excellent Brave Frontier). Featuring characters from previous installments, as Exdeath, or Shadow, …

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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness comes to the West


There is little for the arrival of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, the new title of Square-Enix (developed by Tri-Ace), for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 console. Star Ocean 5 will be the delivery that precedes the video game Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and keep the journey of …

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Adventures of Mana is now available at PSVita


Do many people had gambled that the term of life of the PSVita would be doomed to a derisory Conference? Surely, the amount of people who gambled on the cessation of the Sony handheld were almost all followers of the game, with the exception of those who had acquired the …

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Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age announced for PS4


There were rumors and expected that Square-Enix finally give the final step and today has reached to this day. Final Fantasy XII is being remastered and announced under the name of Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. It will include content from the international version of the game, i.e., the most …

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