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Special The Last Guardian: Trico


The output of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV and the development of Shenmue III was unthinkable a few years ago. It was the typical rumoured games were fair in fair and which starred the most absurd rumours. Half Life 3 would be the fourth in discord. Between all of …

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The Last Guardian is finished


The Last Guardian began its development in 2007 for PS3. It was announced at E3 2009 and expected in the previous generation of PlayStation for the year 2011. After numerous problems in development which obliged to halt the project, this was redirected to PS4 in 2012 and re-anunci√≥ at E3 …

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Advance of The Last Guardian


As always, in the detail is so important. The form in that the characters are moving says something. Super Mario moves fast and jump high. Despite their appearance normcore, Mario can accelerate enough to jump over the deepest cliffs: it is a normal type, but you can undertake extraordinary feats. …

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Impressions of The Last Guardian confirming output in 2016


The Last Guardian is one of those games that are part of the Pantheon of announced titles made an egg and that have not yet emerged. A club with representatives like Duke Nukem Forever (ex-member of the Group) or Final Fantasy XV. The development of Team Ico confirms that it …

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