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2.4.2 Diablo III update adds three new difficulty modes

La actualización 2.4.2 de Diablo III añade tres modos de dificultad nuevos

Four years after its release, Blizzard continues to update its Diablo III with changes, improvements and additions that make it an example to be followed as regards maintenance after-sales service by a developer. The last time we speak of their patches was a year ago, with update 2.3.0 added a new area, new artifacts (as Kanai bucket to absorb the magic of objects and apply it to the character, blessed inventazo to the protodiogenes that we hate having to manage limited inventories) and several tweaks with the idea of streamlining the parties to navigate menus in each game.

Today another update news arrive to us the sea of win-win: the 2.4.2 just advertise on and will arrive shortly with a novelty (which actually are three) that shines above the rest. From this new patch Diablo III will incorporate three new levels of difficulty joining the maddest preceding amount. To the typical Normal, hard, expert and master, and already a little you unhealthy torment of the I-X, XI, XII and XIII torment are added with the corresponding increase in the proportion and quality of the looteo.

Numbers, have not been specified but if torment X was already in 200.082% health, 10.194% damage, 2,000% bonus of extra gold and 3,300% bonus of extra experience, you can imagine the chaladura that will be the new difficulties.

La actualización 2.4.2 de Diablo III añade tres modos de dificultad nuevos

Other news that will incorporate the 2.4.2 is a new batch of objects and legendary powers, able to take screenshots in that the interface does not appear in the photo and various settings in the Adventure mode, which, they say, will be a bit more greedy heading in terms of rewards, particularly with regard to infernal machines and the keys for superior cracks.

Moreover, still in the pipeline (though neither are nor expected them) the famous sands announcing even the own Blizzard in the game box and that never arrived, or auction house (also advertised on the box) which lasted one sigh and never more it was learned.

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