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Abzu, the new magical experience, comes to PS4 and PC


Doyou like Flower, that beautiful visual experience where we encarnábamos to a petal of flower, and whose simple story touched all Playstation 3 users who had the delicacy to play it? Amazed I Journey, an amazing journey through the mesmerising sand dunes, in which up to the combination of colors with shades of cream was a delight above the senses? If you’ve answered Yes to both questions, pay attention because this will expressly for you.

Abzu is the new experience that immerses us Giant Squid, Studio founded by the head of the aforementioned adventures. It is a new adventure of exploration, where we will manage to ‘ The Diver’ (the diver), in a huge and bright vibrant Ocean.

From creatures to objects of the landscape, everything has been completely rendered to stressful levels of detail, with only so much space as mysterious. While, mostly Live colossal quiet moments, will have to be careful about sailing into the abyss, as there are some secrets and dangers quite apart from where it reaches the light.

Abzu premiering next month of August for Playstation 4 and PC.

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