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According to XtraLife, Scorpio Project will cost 400 euros

Project Scorpio

For months is speculating about the price of Project Scorpio. The next Microsoft console will have unparalleled potential, which some have translated as in stores cost much higher than what we are accustomed to seeing. In fact, some media spoke of more than $500. However, a Spanish shop has blown up alarms to publish a tab of the console with a price which, at the moment, we catalogue as of rumor.

XtraLife is a computer store where you can buy all kinds of technological items. Including consoles. And, if we go to the tab of Project Scorpio, we can see that the console has a hypothetical price of 399.99 euros. Know if the figure will be real, although the press has already to clarify about his certainty.

We must bear in mind one very important factor: the power of the machine will be much higher than what is on the market, so it is evident that the cost of the components will be greater and, therefore, price having stores. Experts say that the price will be around $ 500, but we are at a point where the views are quite varied.

Simply invite you to that are pending to next June 11, day in which Phil Spencer will present officially the details concerning to Project Scorpio. And Yes, we know its price.

Via | XtraLife

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