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Activision came close to RARE


Microsoft took Rare in 2002 for $ 375 million. In that bid, Seattle’s were not the only ones interested in taking the study as had Ed Fries, co-creator of Xbox.

Activision pushed by more than Microsoft’s and looked like they were going to acquire the Studio, but at the last minute, Robbie Bach increased bid and got done with Rare. Fries, adds that “who knows what would have happened with Rare” (if Activision had purchased it).

These statements appear on the occasion of an interview given by Fries to IGN. In the year 2010, Ed, told the story in a different way according to collected media such as 1up. Apparently, Activision made your maximum bid, and it seemed like the choice of RARE, probably because they could develop titles as a platform-independent third-party. At least it is the impression that Ed Fries was at that time. Microsoft had to bid with a high turnover, because Nintendo had half of RARE and they could have called the bid if it had been low and they had probably done so to avoid losing a Rare. For this reason, Microsoft placed 375 million on the table to do with RARE Nintendo igualase bid it. Of course, this also included beating Activision.

Being a big fan of Rare’s N64 era, I think that with Microsoft the company not be has worn too. Something that possibly had not changed with Activision, but that falls squarely in the realm of speculation. All in all, very curious that moment in the history of video games.

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