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Advance of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Avance de Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

For a while now, I have the feeling that Street Fighter is no longer associate with the elbow-to-elbow happy and more or less unconcerned Super Nintendo or arcades to become almost a science. It is the King of the Professional Championships and one of those games that glad to see in the hands of people with thousands of flight hours; written books about the almost imperceptible nuances that come into play in a high-level game, recommended for those who wish to arrive someday there up for the simply curious to know what is that game to move masses and maintaining interest after so many years. Are they not only two dolls by tonás until one falters? There are days when it seems a cheapness to Street Fighter V just to take a few pachanguitas of the warm sofa: among all we kill them and they alone died.

For that there are other diversions. Capcom has some popularity also in that area, and their crossovers tend to work particularly well for degreasing, to ward off the head occasionally millimeter, leaden and professional game of its historical contact sport. I could not think otherwise while playing Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, the new installment of the poing à tête between superheroes and best-known superluchadores of the planet.

Avance de Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Infinite seems more a fresh start as a direct continuation of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 2011. The brake is cast a little: instead of teams of three characters who assist each other, here there are duets in which a character can enter action to continue the combos of the other; return fists and kicking weak and strong Marvel vs. Capcom 2, instead of the three buttons of the third scheme. As you might expect, these buttons dances have something recognizable and somewhat uncomfortable; It is obvious that the idea is to approach the game around the world, and then simple combinations that facilitate access to more complicated special attacks, which in the demo could not be disabled and made that headings were more spectacular but also lighter: lost that some of reward that have tremendous animations that Crown a particularly complicated combination of commands.

In any case, it is interesting to mix between the technical game which still hangs Capcom and imbalance that propose the Infinity Stones, three modifiers which you have to choose before a match and that grant special abilities that clarify the strengths of each pair and break the rules if they are activated at all. Slow and strong characters for example, maybe can benefit more from stone that grants greater speed (with a dash that allows moving from tip to tip of the scenario in three sittings) than couples more agile, to which a force plus may fare better. The game balance is delicate and almost seems to go against this scientific way of thinking in fighting games, but that brings joy to a roster that not surprising to read that already is a bit unbalanced. (That there will be time to talk: the staff of the demo was the definitive nor, I imagine, are made all the adjustments they need with a view to the final version.) Does not seem bad idea offer this trio of modifiers (that affect mobility, agility of the change of characters, own reach and rival…) to season a game that today has far more public that were once their previous deliveries; to subtract roundness, roundness, adding to change fun and immediacy.

Avance de Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Commented a few years ago M. Night Shyamalan a meeting with Disney about Unbreakable, whose script ended up paying five million dollars (and five more by the direction), in which the current owner of Marvel executives insisted that comics had no market. “It is everything they do now!”, Shyamalan she joked in the interview that comes out this anecdote. That must have been in 1999. It is evident that the idea here is to reach people who created the billionaire market that exists today about Iron Man, Captain America and other supergente. The purist community, perhaps the part of Capcom, can expect a more simple game and which complies with the fair share of that depth that makes great fighting games unforgettable; who want an excuse to leave marked his own ass and friendly asses who may want to share television and distribute firewood without commitments can be found at Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite a good ally, which has on its side that direct and simple spirit almost of party game which encourages not to think too little travel that may have, in the relative irrelevance of his proposal (faced as to popes them of the genre, so visible in the era of the eSport) or drip of characters of payment waiting for us perhaps to infinity and beyond.

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