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Advance of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Avance de Metroid Prime: Federation Force

There is a relatively common argument that is usually wield more or less fierce criticism has received, and it is possible to receive later, Metroid Prime: Federation Force since it was announced, many moons ago already: it may not be a Metroid Prime as we had hoped, but not okay if it ends up being a good game. Some of the first steps are precisely that: how Federation Force is not as the adventures of Samus that Retro Studios was surprised on GameCube (and Wii: there came out the third part, in addition to the two first Photoshopped to accept the use of the Wiimote), although in the background is fine. It is ok! It is managed. A cool game. Another game that is well.

I could also try Federation Force recently, and I thought quite it since then. Definitely it is not the Metroid Prime that fans expected, but I don’t think it’s a good game; at least, it does not seem the type of ‘good game’ that Nintendo can do even when one does not expect. Nor do I think that the use of the Metroid universe is neutral: from now on, Metroid Prime will be a series that not only will pair with excellent level design and ambience of Retro Studios work (in addition to loneliness and uncertainty experienced by Samus Aran), but also to a pachanguitas multiplayer in which the same group faced a big final boss as a , most of the time, small tests of skill in which there is to put a ball in a hole dodging obstacles.

There is a certain gracefulness on the way in which the Federation soldiers move. For almost all purposes do not differ from the Hunters Samus, Metroid that tried, with considerable success, replicate the formula of the Prime on a portable console. Times have changed: the move the camera with the stylus has gone out of fashion, it seems, and gyroscope, vague and not very reliable; replaces it for everything else, the second stick (nipple rubber of New Nintendo 3DS, console more grateful novelty) works better than it might seem. There is almost no friction. It seems it enough to Metroid as to be Metroid.

They betray her ambitions. Perhaps it is unfair to put Federation Force in the House of elders; so radically opposed to what is usual series, Federation Force rid of connected levels and provides a structure for missions thanks to that jump from one environment to another is as easy as pressing a different button before you enter the multiplayer lobby , where he plays also, choose the team that we will carry with us. That’s where, I guess, up to decide among the group who will take every thing, what tools are required, and what could go well relegating them to a supporting role; as far as I could see, the levels are sufficiently simple and clear as to which there is a single correct combination, but that improvisation (as in the good multiplayer: this must be grant) plays an important role if the resources at our disposal are well known.

Avance de Metroid Prime: Federation Force

I am willing to think which was blamed for the game session, obviously less intense than a normal game, but the fact is that I noticed a lack of taste disturbing. I understand. As I say, it plays well; special weapons, limited use, give an interesting touch to, above all, major clashes, for example final bosses; level design found me, aside from the fact that it was the beginning of the game and a mission takes place in a kind of pyramid mixed with a children’s playground (full of balls and holes where you put them, for the reason whatsoever), good but without much room for surprise, well cooked but desaborido.

It is a sensation that traveled all of my time with the Federation Force. Other Nintendo Games notable for doing things that others have left to one side, or who do not know how to do; on this occasion, it is difficult not to think that there are others who also do this, but from a better position. Even the Blast Ball, which in the game is justified as one of the exercises that the Galactic Federation performed as part of their training, a slow and rather poor variant is of what they do the obvious comparison is with Rocket League, another that twisted the idea of ball sport and which enjoyed considerable success. I have no doubt that in the long run, for those who can afford to devote to any of the two parties of the Federation Force, adventure and sport, long enough, it will be possible to find some interesting idea, diluted in an unappetizing set and that not long ago to stay in memory.

I am quite convinced that it will not be a bad game. Not one noteworthy; remember more, finally to The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, another example of the more functional Nintendo: that of the mechanical games wrapped in an attractive universe for other reasons. The distance between Metroid Prime and Federation Force is lower that that there were between Metroid Prime and, for example, Metroid Prime Pinball, another spinoff with recognizable packaging; Perhaps that is the reason why it cost more think that everything will turn out well, and that the rally and the challenges that we propose on this occasion fit into the world of Samus and company. Metroid Prime trilogy reconfigured the interest in a series that had already done more than enough to ensure a place in the collective imagination; Federation Force seems to take a step in any direction, perhaps calculating evil the unwavering trust of his followers.

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