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After Dangerous Golf, study Three Fields will return to driving.

We have pending an analysis of Dangerous Golf coming sooner rather that later, without too much urgency (which showed the study asking us that we hope please to the first patch that fixes many problems in theory), but it is clear that the prospects are not promising so it has counted on the Victor in the Podcast Reload. So disappointing it has finally be the proposition that the developer, Three Fields Entertainment, it is already trying to turn the page.

Some clueless wonder why we had so many hopes in the destructive golf game, why we were so aware of it. First, because the idea is fucking great, at least on paper; and second, because Three Fields is formed the two founders of Criterion, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, responsible for Burnout – perhaps the most fun of all times-driving series, several serial Need For Speed and the unforgettable shooter Black.

Why is important news that have already begun work on a new project and that this one does, is driving. His specialty is unequivocal.

Work has begun on a driving game.

-Alex Ward (@CrashedAlex) July 27, 2016

Indeed while made Dangerous Golf already let fall that his second game would be a “successor spiritual» with «speed, traffic, and shocks.» Many, many shocks’, so it is a relief to see that the way in which the public and the critics have skinned his first title has not discouraged them, but quite the opposite: can that it has been telling off to concentrate on better be giving: the mechanical violence.

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