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Analysis of Candle

Análisis de Candle

Reviewing interviews, I read Miguel Valles, one of Candlemakers, say that graphic adventures are “one of the great pillars on which are founded” the videogame world. «Is a penalty that in them times that run, so given to the immediacy, it quickly and the spectacular, the adventures graphic have lost bellows», regretted Vallès. The relationship of the player with a graphic adventure is, of course, very different to having a shooter or a racing game; by moments, playing to Candle me has given the feeling of that the game wanted to, precisely, give me reasons to resist to them songs of siren of the immediacy, it quickly and it spectacular; is a temptation very difficult of resist in this year of our Lord.

I think that Candle does merits to win is that attention. The way more immediate is through your paragraph visual. Because is easy leave is seduce by the crafts and the care that is sees in each screen, until the point of that, still not being many, one finish finding like in go them drawings, with Teku (the protagonist of the adventure, that gives name also to the study of development) and with it look; but also because it plays an important role in the design of the game: for thorough exploration is not an extra, but a grateful imposition. Again, a hymn to the resistance.

As problematic as it is sometimes (at least one of the puzzles solved it fluke: Although the game insists that attention is key, same insistence on certain areas that made me greatly appreciate a Candle as a whole was resolved, in my case, in a way more or less hasty or incomprehensible; fail a jump, for example) (, discovered me spring that needed for the adventure continue moving forward), it makes it easy to turn a blind eye with this or that friction so much that offers to change. Da liked losing is in Candle, I want to tell, something that in general tends to be characteristic of them good games. Of a way very natural, Candle encourages to the player to consider your attention as the tool main for resolve them puzzles: rather than it logical to use them items correct in the site right, here it important is provide attention and know read them situations that is presented. In some scenario, them problems of this way of raise is the design of puzzles coexist with the force of get resolve them based observation: for example, in the second act there is that release to a prisoner creating a distraction for zafar is of a pair of enemies, and there it Ethereal of it look not combines so well with the presence physical of Teku in the world of the game : the puzzle is too little flexible as to allow a small extra of experimentation that to the situation, otherwise based in test different solutions manipulating elements of the scenario, you would go very well.

Damage side, imagine, of a formula that otherwise works very well: is a first game surprisingly restrained, that prefer not carry until their last consequences some of their proposed by pure forbearance. Is thanks, whereas seems a way appropriate of avoid scenes or puzzle of filling.

Análisis de Candle

Candle has the journey of the young Teku, that leaves his village after the attack of a tribe rival that has kidnapped to the shaman. He paper of it light in the game, more metaphorical that mechanically, is clear from that first scene: when Teku abandons its people and is delves in the darkness of the forest, in it unknown, it candle that has in it hand (and that is it tool around it revolve it most of puzzles) is goes turning in a dot that is loses in the blackness thick. Is an image powerful because, although is tells from the point of view of which is are in the village and come to the young away is between them trees, also reflects the feeling of the protagonist, our avatar in the game of a form much more physical that in an adventure point and click (if the influence of Another World and family not was sufficiently clear) (, them winks end of tender bridges with them large classic), that sees how its people, grass of the flames after the attack enemy, is goes losing in the darkness, a point of light that loses intensity as Teku is away of he. The third act ends of link the idea of the light with the knowledge empirically. Is by this type of connections and by how all the design of the game makes all it possible for rowing in that address that Candle works so well in the recall, despite them pegas that is you can put to some of its puzzles; to the light, pun intended, of what learn in the total of the adventure, the superstructure is a sense that goes more beyond of the sequence of scenes individual in which is tells the trip of Teku.

I do not intend, at least right now, defend or challenge the validity of the graphic adventure. In general, I prefer to think that this defense is a thing of own graphic adventures. Candle is not revolutionary or iconoclast, though since then nor does it seem a nostalgic amusement; I believe, in fact, that it is a surprisingly contemporary game, decided and focused, more passionate than exciting but ending captivating for the manner in which know for assembling a direction, a purpose. I say that I could not tell in what state of health is the graphic adventure, but while there are proposals such as Candle I think that minimum is a veteran alive, not just gender. Teku Studios has created one of those games that (if you’ve reached this sentence, thanks and sorry) keeps alive the flame of adventure. [8]

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