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Analysis of Furi

Análisis de Furi

All have head that game, our game; He would try to do if we had or have the time, money and the necessary equipment. Emeric Thoa, that game is Furi. So was it to announce the project on the blog of The Game Bakers: «the Furi story begins ten years ago, on a plane, while I went to an event.» At that time was junior designer at a great company. The person travelling with me (my boss!) asked me what would do if you could make the game of my dreams, and I spoke to him about a game that would only be a showdown against a final boss. A fight against an opponent like you, nothing gigantic creatures and demons. «Something that felt like a duel – a duel tense, grueling and extremely satisfactory “.

In the end they are eight bouts instead of one only, but the rest of the premise is maintained with admirable discipline.

Dueling is the thing, maybe, and for that we need adversaries and a handful of rules. Furi presents the one and the other without too many complications: not we are told a hell on the protagonist, the Swordsman who manages to escape a torture chamber and that, with nothing better to do, should be charged to a series of guardians who seek to prevent their escape.

Análisis de Furi


Nor do the tutorial has a lot to explain. Four things about the sword, gun, the blockade and the elusive, nothing more. You can’t find new weapons, level up, or learn new skills. There is something special in that purity, by the obvious link that is generated with the player: are you, the command, and not the type of white hair that Takashi Okazaki, who gains experience has drawn. Above all else, overreact, Furi is a game about playing video games. «Fights against yourself, do not you see?». «» Excellence is not art, it is pure habit. We are what we repeatedly do.” The lessons that are giving us some rivals during combat will always have this double sense.

The Parisian Studio does not attempt to be subtle, don’t want to doubt about his intentions. The priority is exactly the opposite: expose their many influences – all Japanese, all good – by way of thanks. With an approach similar to design, direct and self-confident, they succeed to mix swords and shooting. Hack’n slash and shmup. Platinum and Treasure.

Análisis de Furi

Parts of fencing and projectiles with all kinds of patterns alternate comfortably thanks to an ingenious system of rounds with several bars of health. Whenever we empty the indicator of the adversary, move on to the next phase of the duel and the difficulty goes up a little bit. So is marked a clear progression in each match, you are iterating on the Repertoire of the enemy’s attack and generated some very appropriate Dynamics; the epic comeback is moderately common, for example, because to win a round , you regain life. Fights can be lengthened enough, this wear we talked about Thã¡m is there, but that allows you to study the opponent and test new strategies without having to lose and restart.

Furi is relatively demanding and complicated, aware that it needs to adjust the challenge to run its proposal. However, and although it may not always seem, is on your side: knows also that the is overcome when the painted thing wrong is the pleasant sensation that can produce. Hence the small hands as green pellets between the rest of bullets or well measured locks, which are worth as kits. From details like that is clear in The Game Bakers they know what they are doing. And precisely for this reason, it also disturbs the meet with a dash that goes later in the middle of a game of power, precise and fluid. Soon, with a little luck, you understand what is happening in reality: the elusive movement becomes when you release the button, not to press it, because it can charge to cover greater distances. The timing is something peculiar, Ditto for parry, but it is worth making an effort to get used to it; without combo or special hits, the intensity during the exchange of chopping leaves find time just to attack.

The mechanical, simple and robust, condition to some extent the style of play. Although there is a lot of freedom in that aspect, because reaction to every action is moderately methodical, Yes can one move between two extremes: being more conservative, seeking coverage and waiting patiently to each other let your guard down, or more aggressive, with the hand always near the katana, to close spaces and not pass a single window of opportunity.

That is all that matters in Furi, but not everything. Before each boss touch, unfortunately, give a short walk to our companion, the Lord with the rabbit mask, tell us a little something about the next opponent. I understand that there are those moments of rest, but I do not know how to make them worse: control is atrocious, to the point that there are three buttons on the remote are used to activate the autopilot in the walk, and never gets to generate this tension prior to the confrontation that is, two clear references to mention in No More Heroes or the Metal Gear Solid. Nor the script achieved what is proposed, because it slips with that of “better to suggest that teach”; What little that is sensed smells topic, the giro looks come from afar and the weight of the characters is almost nil. Not to comply with the expectations generated environments – a bucolic, others more psychedelic and in general, like the rest of the game, with a tremendous force visually – or working with the rhythm to separate acts that would help to highlight the variety of enemies.

Análisis de Furi

None of that can derail a game with ideas as clear as Furi: humble as few, just wants you to play, you learn and best, same as its makers played, learned and improved thanks to others. It is a honest tribute, one of those games by law that arise from admiration and are looking forward to. It is also, going back to what said at the beginning about the games that each would like to make, an experience designed to connect with people who share some tastes; It is easy and is nice to imagine Emeric Thoa and company playing, some years ago, several of those games that you have also marked to you.

Furi is not a game for all, of course, but is the game of many. [8]

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