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Analysis of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

Análisis de Super Mario Maker para Nintendo 3DS

In September of last year I got to throw a question: «why would want anyone a Super Mario level editor?», wrote in the analysis of the first incarnation of Super Mario Maker, then exclusive Wii u. To a certain extent still wonder something, although already in 2015 I Convention the creation of levels mix bar collection of experiments bar give a person a fish he will eat for a day, teach him to do levels and it will make you a game; I understand there are who do not find him sense that way of articulating the game, dependent on 100% of the editor, and perhaps there comes the greatest concern of this review for 3DS for the creative player.

Let me explain: although it is largely the same as Wii U (the editor is the main thing, and the rest of modes are articulated around it), the portable version includes 100 pre-designed levels and three challenges: killing them would be the first, but also there are two challenges that explore different ways to play. Many of them are brilliant; I am not going to say that between a few medals and others (which we give when we overcome these challenges) end up as 300 different levels, but yes I was surprised the wide sleeve of designers when it comes to expand the designs of base with impossible tests in a more normal Super Mario. I want to say that to some extent it seems to have been attentive to the levels that have been created in the version of Wii U, and have wanted to contribute their grain of sand; in that sense, it works well what they have in teaching these worlds created by Nintendo, because they demonstrate that go from A to B in a two-dimensional plane is more likely than it may seem for the newcomer to the level design. It is more likely, in fact, of what the Super Mario games can afford to show.

The release system of tools, which depended on the calendar of the console, Wii U version here is more direct: half of resources get them to base complete pre-designed levels, but by default there more with which to work. Change game (are the same as in Wii u: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. (U) and theme it is possible from the outset, and sound and special effects are no longer a bounty for the most patients. This puts the simpler block and the disco lights with chunda, chunda Fund at the same level, what somewhat seems to want to avoid its abuse: Wii u, know that someone was excited to have unlocked the soniquetes when kill any Goomba made maracas were put in place.

3DS, on the other hand, the pre-designed levels served, though in its own way, of suggestions for presentation to the tools that are unlocking. The levels are fine, you think, but I do not have these things and can not do anything. Is then when the game you gives any of them parts that you was missing, and the balance is balances a little: what in the of Wii U was a narrative that wore to the artifice and that left enough space for them uses little designed, in 3DS is converts in a that you gives a point more than importance to play before create. To look at the work of others before trying your luck yourself. In the of Wii U this was an option, but the system of unlock emptied of way natural in levels without too much structure and with trends to the sensationalism.

Análisis de Super Mario Maker para Nintendo 3DS

This new release of tools system is a better breeding ground to form a strong community and who publishes interesting levels. By that, the big limitations at the time of sharing levels is understood less; own creations can only leave our console if we had someone who is nearby, via built-in StreetPass, and only internet is possible to consult the recommended creations, a way to explore the game wanting to avoid bad drinks (it is understood that a minimum of control leaves out of the equation less interesting creations; Wii u already had something (, and levels could be public if they not reached a level of popularity after a while: here do not even have the opportunity to become popular) but which also loses the enormous potential of the version of Wii U, both factory and showcase.

For those who can combine the two versions, this new Super Mario Maker is, ultimately, a competent laptop version, which leverages very naturally the dual display 3DS, predecessor of the Wii U experiment. The editor and the screen where are they tested levels are close, clear, and, although the desktop game already did a great job streamlining the most the passage of a mode to another, it has given me the feeling that there is a very grateful packaging plus in 3DS. I still think that Super Mario Maker there is something irresistible, by how rejoins the truck user generated content but also to those of the mashup, remix and nostalgia; It is clear that Nintendo plays with advantage (do not have to prove that the Super Mario are good before proposing is creating a community of level designers), but also there is a lot of know-how in the way in which get a tool becomes a toy, teaching to who uses it to enjoy it, to develop curiosity and to see the possibilities of his language. Almost seems like a companion app for the Wii U, sometimes. That ends up struggling with Super Mario maker for Nintendo 3DS and limiting its scope: the loneliness that one can feel by not giving out their best creations and the unfair way in which cuts us wings (default levels are so good precisely because the only thing that is not within our reach: additional challenges) take something to experience grace , because break the basic premise of the game: many levels predefined or taken out of the community that you download, should always be possible that you think one better. So close and so far: I guess that after this can only embark on creating a new game from scratch. If we have to make a lesson positive constraints, that is that. [7]

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