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Analysis of TMNT: mutants in Manhattan

Análisis de TMNT: Mutantes en Manhattan

Theirs here was to start, because of nostalgia, with an anecdote of my childhood. And if we talk about Ninja turtles, it had much to choose; Surely I would have been with that camera, one of my favorite things ever, stamping a watermark in the bottom right corner of each photo. I guess that that would have happened to the Konami classics, clear. I remember fondly the phase in which surfeabas – Mega Drive, clear – and animation when the turtles were treading a skewer. «My toe! My toe!”. Or, as said before with friends so «Maichou! Maichou!».

Fuck, what desire had this come out well.

With TMNT: mutants in Manhattan, I had to spend, Activision and Platinum Games have been finally agreed to make the worst possible game. It is a project defined by the shortcomings and limitations, influenced too much by the online multiplayer. From dynamic cooperatives especially boring until the pathetic IA-related problems, almost all bad ideas leave a trail that brings us back to the premise of always have four reptiles on display.

Análisis de TMNT: Mutantes en Manhattan

The truth, however, is that it is left to play. Always with nuances, always with “buts” and always below of what you should expect of these people, the combat system is more or less competent. Combos, planitos and little varied, are showy and maintain the typical two attack buttons. Control, despite the unjustifiable 30 fps, is felt minimally fluid. Even the ninjutsu, special moves little inspired, with typical of an MMO that cooling times of a hack’n slash, have the excuse of flexibility: there are a few dozens of unlockable skills – blows of all types, attributes, defensive techniques, healing or support temporary power-ups – that can be used to assume different roles on the team. Any turtle can be equipped with four your choice and only the combined attack, which must be synchronized as a couple, is peculiar to each.

Something similar happens with the blockade. The shells give much play in this regard and is appropriate in power hide there for a while, but parry and the elusive are the quite distinct; Secondly, that lets you upload to the hump of the rival and distract him while your brothers give cane interests. It is a mechanism that aims to be the protagonist, but is less reliable than it should be because the times and indications are not clear.

Análisis de TMNT: Mutantes en Manhattan


The rest there where catch it. With the structure of levels, say, or even wanted to disguise: in open spaces or in the sewers, there to track the presence of enemies to activate small challenges and open access to the final boss. Are almost always random, and interchangeable objectives extremely simple and without any sense of rhythm. They are all the basic classics of vague and repetitive design: defusing bombs, protect trucks, transporting gold bullion… Variants of the odious missions of escort, ultimately, arrangements for bodyguards and hellish for the protected.

Not much improve the thing when faced with Bebop, Rocksteady and company; all bosses, except one who also excels at nothing, are basically the same. The initial impression may be half good, because they do not cease to be mutant animals with patterns of attack of the entire life, but soon become heavy; how they wouldn’t get tired, go, if you have seven or nine health bars. They are, as typical bosses who do not want to repeat before the end of the game; but there they are, one after another, in a particularly odious boss rush .

Not even worth going into details with additives as absurd as stealth or the possibility of round, ideas forgotten and engulfed by the mediocrity of the set. And it’s precisely the lack of any redeeming element – a joke graciosa, collectible interesting for the fan; some little detail that love Platinum despite all – the most frustrating of mutants in Manhattan. The game is so broken, as individual experience, trying to escape from a problem you just encountering other two. Artificial intelligence, clear example of this, is never well adjusted: it is too effective in Normal level, but becomes useless to climb the difficulty because there is no way to instruct them that they divided to save time and get terribly wrong the minigame to return to action when you do not reanimas them in time. For one thing or another, it is impossible to take seriously the scores.

Análisis de TMNT: Mutantes en Manhattan

There are several troubling decisions and various incomprehensible decisions, who do not understand budget or rush. Surprise the frequency with which the game leaves you sold – almost always by not be able to Dodge just after executing a ninjutsu – and above all what little cares annoy the player: the bastards throwing bombs without stopping and the fucking flying saucers that alter your character’s movement are extremely tedious.

The deception involved in all this, because it would be easier to digest If you could point out to Activision as the only guilty. Sure that is his thing, by far, of limited duration, the recycled content with chutzpah, shits of the hogs, the crafteo, the statistics and the spoofed progression or disgraceful paragraph technical – despite a very successful art direction; I like how the turtles have been and flips me the appearance of Slash or Shredder. This time, and unlike what happened with Transformers Devastation and The Legend of Korra, Platinum Games has not been able to sneak here or some of its spark. TMNT: mutants in Manhattan is wrong with optimum conditions, with friends, and a disaster when playing offline.

A listless custom, without sense and without future. Pizza for today, hunger tomorrow. [4]

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