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Annapurna Interactive will publish Gorogoa, Jason Roberts

Annapurna Interactive, the division dedicated to the game of the film production company of Megan Ellison, published Gorogoa, the precious jigsaw puzzle game from Jason Roberts. Above you can see the first trailer released Annapurna.

I say it this way because Gorogoa has a long circling; He won Award for excellence in the visual of the IGF in 2014, to mention a well-known award, and has been left to see more than one fair in recent years. A few years ago, four or five, had a demo out there, but it is no longer available, it seems.

In any case, Gorogoa will manipulate a series of panels, exploring them, dismantling them and returning them to get access to new scenes, or for which scenes seen in the drawings change in unexpected ways. For example: a drawing shows a city skyline and in the of to the side, a child in the hollow of a door; explore the city us leads to a roof, and overlapping that new bullet to it of the child got that this can exit to the roof. Find these kinds of connections, explore the tables in this way, is the basis of Gorogoa.

It is not the only game that will launch Annapurna this year. At the end of 2016, we learned that it will also be the editor of What Remains of Edith Finch, the anticipated game of Giant Sparrow.

It has no concrete release date, but from Annapurna say that it will be in the spring of this year, for the time being on Steam.

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