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Announced a Nintendo Direct to the early morning of April 13

The #NintendoDirect will focus primarily on #ARMS and #Splatoon2 for #NintendoSwitch. We acompañaréis in the early hours of Thursday?

-Nintendo (@NintendoES) Spain April 10, 2017

What says the company on its Twitter is just what would you comment me here: the next Nintendo Direct will be on Thursday, April 13, 00: 00 h. Eye with fucking, just then when one day it becomes the following. We are talking here of the night between Wednesday and Thursday. I think.

What is clear is that Arms and Splatoon 2, both for Switch, will be the protagonists of the presentation. What do you can go to the end cap with eyes of Mario Odyssey to leave us wanting more E3? What do you the same strain something 3ds so Kimishima, the Kimi, can continue to say have no intention of abandoning this laptop? A third party that has been lost, and since we, salutes? Then I what I know, the truth. If I’m speculating it is because I don’t want to make news with less than two hundred words, run me so stretch it a little out there. We can also remember that the night Direct are good, because they give to drink, and that thirteen is the almost full moon; with that it is almost confirmed that we will see something of

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