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Astroneer has twigs of GOTY

A game about exploring planets where a sort of VAC serves to disintegrate and manufacture field, where astronauts greet one another the sea of happy and one can run by extraterrestrial meadows planted flowers of exotic colors, jumping and enjoying the mad tones of an environment to explore. After the bad atmosphere that was generated with No Man completo Sky needed us a proposal as Astroneer, just ambition and casual spirit and buenrollista applied to the space. Slightly that species of optimism almost shocking that exuded The Martian in a gender, the science fiction space, that often check hand of them fears and the anxieties of the humanity for launch messages transcendental. Here the prospect is more simple and positive.

That is the first thing that gave me the trailer more recent game, published a couple of weeks on the occasion of its launch in Early Access of Steam. The topic looks phenomenal, both in the artistic direction and ideas that seems to start up his mechanics. A very malleable world and the exciting possibility of exploring planets in co-op with up to three others. Talking about raising bases and improve them to extend the expulsion of oil from our ship and base get more power, at the same time also to make progress on the effectiveness and the creation of gadgets and vehicles to our 3D printer is capable of generating pieces. Known materials to manufacture things; unknown materials that, once investigated at the base, allow us to discover new objects craftear; poisonous mushrooms; destructive storms; interplanetary travel…

Astroneer is growing by leaps and judging by the considerable frequency, and those who have been long playing past versions in alpha in fact say that the game has improved in this time much more than you could imagine in the beginning. At the moment the final release date is situated at some indeterminate point in 2017, and while the current unfinished version has still some stability problems, framerate and especially of multiplayer functions, the Early Access both Steam and Xbox One is reaping very hopeful opinions with regard to the end result. We will be very attentive.

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