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At Insomniac Games you would like to make a Sunset Overdrive for PC

Sunset Overdrive

If by something can be qualified Sunset Overdrive, is as of curious. His idea was so simple as offer us a small world open in which could shoot to dextrous and sinister to all what is moved. Of course, had more than one curiosity that caused amusement and laughter to parts equal. The release of the game was rather limited, although from Insomniac Games have already stated that he would like to bring the franchise to more platforms.

The most striking of all is that, although the game is available for consoles, there are many users who have requested the company to develop a version for PC. In fact, these requests are counted by thousands. The own business has even been which has stated that it would like to make a version that had computers as a destination. However, in this type of cases Microsoft is a problem: the company should confirm the movement in order to carry to out the corresponding development.

Insomniac Games has stated the following on his Twitteraccount:

We’d like to see the game on PC, but it depends on Xbox.

Without a doubt, is is of a small message to the known brand. A message released in order that provide the resources needed to carry out the creation. In all case, from Xbox not will have pronounced to the respect and, by the time, unknown if is can materialize a new version of Sunset Overdrive.

Course, in the case that the response from Microsoft is positive, the study is put to work in the new delivery. That Yes, seems that will have that pass a time to have the game to the sale in stores.

Via | Twitter-Insomniac Games

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