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Atlus severely limited items of 5 person relay

Atlus limita severamente la retransmisión de partidas de Persona 5

Atlus has imposed strict limitations for the retransmission of person 5games, and on his official website detailing them. The most striking detail is how the company warns that some content related to your game can receive reprimands on YouTube to protect his fans of the spoilers.

“Plain and simple, not want that they ruin you experience to those who haven’t played the game,” explains Atlus. “Our fans have waited years to leave the game and we want to make sure truth that you can experience it completely as a completely new adventure.”

As I was known, PlayStation 4 screenshot function is blocked in person 5, preventing relay and record the important scenes of the game. Despite this, it is possible to bypass the blockade in many ways; for this reason, Atlus has decided to warn their followers of the restrictions, much more severe than normal, which applies to all content showing things that happen before some time into the game (day 7 July of the year in which develops 5 person):

-You can post as many additional videos as you want, but please limit each as long 90 minutes.

-Nothing of major story spoilers, and each judge that on its own. If you need some indication, prevents show / ruin the final segments of the first three palaces. Although you can teach the initial interactions with Yusuke, prevents its awakening scene, and all that matters with the picture. Not post anything about a research student.

-I have mentioned do not teach the end of each Palace, but you can capture the combat against the head of Kamoshida. No captures video from any other fight a boss.

-Do not you should focus only on cinematic/animated scenes, you must show above all mazmorreo / exploration of Tokyo.

-You can post direct or commented gameplay.

The content of video showing parts of the game that occur after the 7/7 that mark the official limit risks to be cautioned, warns Atlus. «If decide to broadcast beyond 7/7 (I recommend strongly do not do so, you have been WARNED)», insists, in capital letters, post, «you do under risk of issued a claim for Content ID», system used by Google to expedite the removal of content from YouTube, «or, worse, a strike or suspension of the channel».

The truth is that although a large part of the major video games companies openly support the broadcasting of games to their games (in any format; live, delayed, in the way that is), it is them who keep the right to do as Atlus and limit any form many of the most popular on YouTube formats. The long series in which a youtuber is playing with something, usually commenting on while both heading, are the most problematic: ahead of the parallelism that Ryan Morrison, lawyer specialized in eSports and YouTube, is not legal to publish entire Star Wars on YouTube or even if you are commenting on it above.

As with all that make fans (again quoting Morrison, most of the things that are, in fact, illegal), it is usual that the companies want to make the relationship good. A good example is Quantum Break: in game options menu you can disable copyrightedmusic, so who relayed the game (partially or totally) on YouTube and other platforms are not with unexpected problems due to licensed songs. Removed that danger, given certainly Remedy undertakes not to give problems, even if it is entitled to give them; the problems do not have to involve whenever you cut off the head to the channel, but it freezes the monetization, preventing the youtubers make money with certain videos to include protected material.

The case of Nintendo is representative. Not prohibited to upload videos to YouTube in which leaving Nintendo Games, but yes it puts very strong to monetization restrictions: you are part of the official program of retained earnings (in which the creators touched 60% of money; 70% if the entire channel is dedicated to Nintendo) or it is these which is 100% of the money generated by a video. Is Nintendo who decides who is part of your program and who, so may not be interpreted as a way to deter those who want to make negative criticism or denounce violations of the company, blocking the economic performance of their videos; This has led to great movements like the of Jim Sterling, who decided to create a horror vacui of copyright claims in his videos, financed by subscribers in Patreon, not advertising, which prevents that any of the companies claiming you money are nothing.

The case of 5 person, apparently seen, seems really because of the genuine interest of Atlus by that his supporters (not only those who have been waiting for the game since I was going to go out in winter of 2014, and PS3, but also those who can get through word of mouth: I think that this is going to sell pretty well) reach the game without knowing anything even if it is inevitable to threaten with claims and suspensions of channel is controversial. Nor is it Nuclear Throne, anyway; It is not that it is a game of skill and quick partidillas.

«Said», topped the Japanese company, “person 5 is a super special for us case and we are still discussing how our policies may evolve in the future.»

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