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Bayonetta for PC is updated with a teaser of Vanquish


Platinum Games entered the market betting strong on direct and stylized action. A treatment that is a hallmark of the study and who has fallen in love to the hardcore gamers of half the world with creations of long pedigree. Bayonetta, from Hideki Kamiya, and Vanquish, Shinji Mikami, may be his most remarkable creations so far. Two games that were reluctant to leave their ecosystem and that looked like they were never going to get to PC.

The hack & slash of the witch Bayonetta is available for Steam in a few weeks and Vanquish could follow the game of Kamiya imminently. Bayonetta has been updated and have only added a folder with a picture of Vanquish:


A movement that portends that Vanquish reach PC nothing. And hopefully be, because it is a game of incredible action with a perfectly measured and balanced gameplay.

Via | Neo-GAF

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